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FLIPDock movies

  • Dock SB203SB238 ligand to HIV-1 protease (1HBV)

8 residues from the receptor were made flexible
Download the movie clip here  (51.3MB, 4min22sec)
magenta: SB203SB238 ligand in crystal structure.
yellow: the same ligand in docking test

Or watch it from YouTube.

  • Dock the DQ0 ligand (from PDB: 1M7Q) to P38 (PDB:1BMK)   

This is a re-play of the FLIPDock process.  3 loops and 13 side chains were made flexbile.
Note that the score of each putative docking was shown upper right in red.
Download the movie here. (41MB)

Or watch it from YouTube.
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