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What is FLIPDock

  •     FLIPDock is a molecular docking program that docks a flexible ligand to a  flexible receptor. See this movie clip. (40MB) or watch it at YouTube
  •     FLIPDock uses two FlexTree data structures to represent a protein-ligand complex. When the motion variables from the two FlexTree are modified, the FlexTree updates transformation matrices and regenerates the new conformations on-the-fly. The putative docking complex is evaluated using a scoriong function. FLIPDock uses a searching engine, such as genetic algorithm, to optimize the motion variables and minimize the given scoring function.
  •     FLIPDock is coded with Python language. Following the component based design, FLIPDock can choose various searching engines and scoring functions. 
  •     FLIPDock is free for academic usage.
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