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What's new

  • A paper about crossdocking using FLIPDock was accepted in JCAMD
  • July 30th, 2007. First batch of download instructions was sent to beta testers.
  • FLIPDock manuscript is available online
  • Binary available for beta testing. Please contact us if you want to dock a flexible ligand into a flexible receptor
  • Yong presented the FLIPDock project at the 223rd ACS meeting (Chicago, IL March 25-29, 2007). Poster can be found here
  • Jan 2nd, 2007. The FLIPDock manuscript was accepted by Proteins. Email Yong for a reprint
  • Dec, 2006. The FLIPDock installer is available for Linux (binary). contact Yong for more information.
  • Jul 17th, 2006. pyDock is renamed to FLIPDock.
  • Oct 31st, 2005. Psyco package helped FlexTree based docking 10% faster.
  • Oct 26th, 2005. Yong presented the FlexTree work at TSRI Fall 2005 Poster Symposium. 
  • July 2005. pyDock complied on MacOS, Sun and SGI.. thanks to Anna
  • July 2005. pyDock now running on Bluefish and Redfish @TSRI
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